Saturday, December 18, 2010

New Episode of "Rosales' History of The South" Radio Show (Show #5, 1 Hour Long).

We did a new episode of "Rosales' History of The South" Radio Show last night, topics include
Christmas (Southern Hispanic, Creole and Cajun traditions), as well as The Feast of The Three Kings (The Epiphany). We will also be discussing some Historical and Genealogical Organizations such as The Sons of Spanish American War Veterans, The Sons of Confederate Veterans and a few others. We will also be discussing / answering some listener mail and discussing Racism in the South and else where and "our solution" to it, here on the show. You can listen to episode #5 by clicking on this link
We hope you enjoy the show ! Thank You / Gracias !!

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  1. Hello, Mr. Rosales. I am researching this same group! I believe my grandfather's family is from that group. The mobile Spanish Creoles. Im a direct descendant of The Arenals of Spain and Colonial Cuba.

    My grandfather's great grandfather Simon Arenal arrived in New Orleans in 1847 a tobacco planter from old havana. His heirs are from Mobile. The del Arenals of Spain. We all relocated from Mobile during the Civil War to an Indian Trading post called Gainestown. Later moving back to New Orleans and Texas. Simon fathered a tri racial lineage. He had a group of 13 Arenal Families show up after the Spanish American War in 1910. All of a sudden they became designated as "Cuban".

    You may help me find the answer to what type of Spanish Creole Barrio this was in Mobile. If you can please let me know how I can email you.

    Sincerely, Zambo Habanero