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Benigno Simon Calderon, Confederate Soldier and Free "Creole of Color" // Benigno Simon Calderon, Soldado Confederado, Hombre Libre "De Color".

Benigno Simon Calderon (Born January 28, 1829, died May 28, 1870) was a "Free Man of Color" and a member (at the rank of Private) of the Creole Fire Company, Alabama Militia, during the Civil War. He was the son of Simon Calderon (born November 4, 1800, died February 1835) and Catherine Bernoudy (born 1812, died December 28, 1853). Bernoudy was the daughter of Isabelle Barthelemy and Registe Bernoudy (born 1870, died 1850) who was buried at Church Street Cemetery.

Calderon worked as a carpenter and lived at Poe Street and Marmot, in 1861, in Mobile, Ala. He was the grandson of Benigno Garcia Calderon (born 1764 in Havana, Cuba) and Lucia Jane Andry (born June 1783, died June 1822). Garcia was a lieutenant in the Spanish Army stationed along the Gulf Coast and later became Royal Treasurer, at Pensacola. Andry was the daughter of Simon Andry and a “Negro” slave by the name of Jane (born circa 1755, November 12, 1846) of Mobile, Alabama. Jane was emancipated on May 5, 1805.

He married first Corrine Chavana (died 1856) daughter of Vincent Chavana Sr. and Catherine Dubroca and later Claire Andry (born 1834, died July 30th, 1876). More information can be found about Lt. Benigno Garcia Calderon in documents located at the Archivo General De Las Indias, Papeles Procedentes De Cuba. /// You can listen to my radio show episode about Benigno Simon Calderon by clicking on this link
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You can visit and learn about the Cuba Libre Camp Project of the Admiral Semmes Camp 11, Sons of Confederate Veterans which is a project to identify all known Cuban Confederate Soldiers, as well as other Hispanics and Minorities who served in the Confederate Military.


Benigno Simon Calderon (Enero 28, 1829-Mayo 28, 1870) fue un “Hombre de Color Libre” y miembro (Soldado) del “Creole Fire Company", Alabama Militia durante la Guerra Civil Americana . Sus padres Simon Calderon nacido el 4 de Noviembre del 1800, fallecido en Febrero del 1865 y su madre Catherine Bernoudy nacida en el 1812, fallecida Diciembre 28 del 1853. Bernoudy era hija de Isabelle Barthelemy y Registe Bernoudy (quien fue enterrado en Church Street Cemetery).

Calderon trabajaba como carpintero y vivía entre la calle Poe y la Marmot, en Mobile circa 1861. Sus abuelos eran el Señor Benigno Garcia Calderon (nacido en Havana, Cuba, 1764) y Lucia Jane Andry (1783-1822). Garcia era teniente en el Ejercito Español estacionado a lo largo del Golfo y luego fue el Tesorero Magistral en Pensacola. Andry, la hija de Simon Andry con una esclava negra llamada Jane (nacida circa 1755, fallecida el 12 de Noviembre del 1846) de Mobile, Alabama. Jane recibió su emancipación Mayo 5, 1805 y cuando murio en 1813 tenia 13 esclavos propio).

Primero se caso con Corrine Chavana quien murió en el 1846, hija de Vicente Chavana y Catherine Dubroca. Luego se caso con Claire Andry (nacida 1834, fallecida Julio 30, 1876). Más información sobre la historia de Calderon está disponible por medio de documentos archivados en Archivo General de las Indias, Papeles procedentes de Cuba.


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    I notice in your book -Hispanic Confederates- that you have two others listed from the Creole Fire Company, AL Militia (J.Calderon & Esper J Soto). Do you have the complete roll for this company?

  2. Yes, I own the only known original complete rosters of this very unique unit composed of "Creoles of Color", You may contact me at
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  3. Hello again Mr. Rosales,

    Do you plan to publish these rolls? Either on your blog or some other form?

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