Thursday, September 20, 2012

Captain "Charlie" Talamachus Ulysses Barnard, A Creole Confederate of Color

"Charlie" Talamachus Ulysses Barnard was the Captain of the Creole Guard, Fire Company, Alabama Confederate Militia. He was a "Free Man of Color" (born November 4th, 1827, died April 18th, 1875). He is buried at Magnolia Cemetery, in Mobile, Alabama. He was the son of Ulysses J. Barnard and Candelaria Yrigoyen, daughter of Miguel Yrigoyen, a Spaniard and Constance Hugon (born 1773, died October 16th, 1845), a "Free Woman of Color". Constance Hugon (daughter of Jean Baptiste Hugon, died August 1st, 1792, a "Free Man of Color, and Maria Laurent), was originally from Louisiana, she was listed in some Louisisana documents as a "Grif", which was a mixture of Black and Indian. She is buried, at Church Street Cemetery, in Mobile, Alabama. Constance and Miguel Yrigoyen owned land on the present northeast corner of Dauphin and Conception Street. // Talamachus married Rosanna, no surname found. He was a Tinner for the firm of Elsworth and Russell. He lived at 4 North Dearborn Street, Mobile, Alabama, in 1861.

Miguel Yrigoyen was stationed at the Spanish Royal Hospital, at Mobile, during the Colonial period. The surname Irigoyen / Yrigoyen was Gallicized to Gregorie, and later was Americanized to Gregory. There are a few documents which relate to Miguel Yrigoyen, one of which was a sale of land, in Mobile, in 1809, to Constance Hugon. The surname Yrigoyen / Irigoyen is of Basque origin.

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  1. Very interesting! Just some info: Telemachus' wife Rosanna's surname was Mooney, she was born in Ireland. He died in 1875. Their daughter Rosa Justina (Barnard) Krebs was my great-grandmother, I have a portrait of her on my wall as we speak. I'd love to know the citations for the Creole Guard history/information, thank you!