Friday, August 10, 2012

The Strange Case of the Hispanic Confederate Slado Brothers

Pablo "Paul" Slado was the captain of the Confederate Inter-Coastal Blockade Runner, The Deer Island. He was born in Spain, in 1830. His brother, Francisco Slado (born in Spain in 1820) was the owner of the cargo and a passenger on The Deer Island when the ship was captured off of Petit Bois Island, Alabama, on May 13th, 1862.
Francisco Slado had also served in the Spanish Regiment, European Brigade, Louisiana Militia, until the surrender of the City of New Orleans, LA, as did his other brother Ramon Slado (born 1838, Spain), who was a Seaman on the Deer Island.
The Deer Island was carrying a cargo of flour and rice, into Mobile, Alabama, when it was chased by the U.S.S. Bohio and overtaken. The Slado brothers sunk The Deer Island off of Petit Bois Island, Alabama and while attempting to swim to shore were captured.
They disappear from history at this point and there is no further information on them. The surname Slado has also been found as Salado, in the few records of them that exist.

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