Monday, January 17, 2011

Martin Luther King Jr., Quote.

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools". Martin Luther King Jr.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Sons of Confederate Veterans // Los Hijos De Veteranos Confederados.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is a non-racial, non-sectarian, historical, patriotic and genealogical organization composed of descendants of members of the Confederate Army including state and county militia, Navy, and Marine Corps. There were over 7,000 Hispanics of every shape and color, including Spaniards, Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Filipinos from the then Spanish Colony of the Philippines and Sephardic Jews who served in the Confederate military (of which over 400 were Officers), and in many cases went back home after the war. If you are a new Hispanic immigrant, a Cuban exile or Mexican-American, or if you are descended from a Spanish / Hispanic family, especially here along the Gulf Coast or the Southwest border States, there is a really good possibility that you are related to someone who served in the Confederate military.

The Sons were organized in Richmond, Virginia in 1896 and are the direct successor of "The United Confederate Veterans" organization composed of actual Confederate soldiers and sailors. Membership in the Sons is open to all male descendants of any Confederate Veteran who served honorably in any branch of the armed forces between 1861-1865. Membership can be obtained either through a lineal direct ancestor or through a collateral line such as an uncle or cousin, but the connection must be proven genealogically. The minimum age for membership is 12 years old.

The organization is composed of the national headquarters at Columbia, Tenn. and then is divided into "divisions" by state. It is then further broken up in "brigades" which correspond to sub sections of each division and finally to the local "camp". There are approximately 900 camps nationwide and the organization puts out a quarterly magazine named "Confederate Veteran" which is full of information on the organization and its activities, plus articles on different aspects of the War Between the States. The organization also offers college scholarships, has its own credit card, and in many state license plates in the South.

The organization welcomes members of any ethnic group. For more information on how to join, you can email me at

Los Hijos de Veteranos Confederados es una organización no racista y no sectaria. La organización es histórica, patriótica y genealógica compuesta por descendientes de los miembros del ejército confederado, militantes del estado y condados, la Armada y la Infantería de Marina. Más de 7,000 hispanos de todos los tamaños y colores-Españoles, Cubanos, Filipinos, Puerto Riquenos, Mexicanos y Judíos Sefardí-que sirvieron en el ejército confederado (mas de 400 fueron Oficiales), muchos lograron volver a sus hogares después de la guerra. Si eres un nuevo inmigrante hispano, exiliado Cubano, Mexicano-Americano, descendiente Español o familia Hispana, especialmente aquí en la costa del Golfo o los estados del suroeste fronterizos, hay muy buena posibilidad de que este relacionado a alguien que sirvió en el ejército confederado.

Los Hijos (The Sons) se organizaron en Richmond, Virginia en 1896 y son los sucesores directo de los "Veteranos Confederados Unidos", organización integrada por militares y marineros actuales de la Confederación. Membrecía a Los Hijos está abierta a todos los descendientes varones de cualquier veterano confederado que haya servido honorablemente en cualquier rama de las fuerzas armadas entre 1861-1865. La membrecía puede ser obtenida a través de un pariente directo o de una línea colateral, como un tío o un primo, pero la conexión debe ser comprobada genealógicamente. La edad mínima de ingreso es de12 años.

La organización se compone de la oficina nacional en Columbia, Tennessee y se divide en "divisiones" en cada estado. A continuación se organizan en "brigadas" que corresponden a las sub-secciones de cada división y finalmente en campamentos. Existen aproximadamente 900 campamentos en todo el país. La organización publica una revista trimestral llamada "Confederación de Veteranos", que está llena de información sobre la organización, sus actividades y artículos sobre diferentes aspectos de la guerra entre los Estados. La organización también ofrece becas para la universidad, tiene su propia tarjeta de crédito, y en varios estados del sur placas para el automóvil.

La organización da la bienvenida a los miembros de cualquier grupo étnico. Para obtener más información sobre cómo unirse pueden enviarme un correo electrónico a

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Battle of New Orleans, Chalmette Battle Field, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, January 8th, 1815 // La Batalla De Nueva Orleans, Luisiana 8 de Enero, 1815.

The Battle of New Orleans occurred at Chalmette Battle Field, in Louisiana, on January 8th, 1815. It was the last major Battle of the War of 1812 and pitted United States Army troops under General Andrew Jackson, supplemented by white Creole Volunteers (French and Spanish), Free African Americans, Free "Creoles of Color", Native Americans (Choctaw and others) and Pirates led by Jean Laffite against a professional British Army led by  Commander Alexander Cochrane and Major-General Edward M. Pakenham. The forces met at Chalmette Battle Field, in Saint Bernard Parish just outside of New Orleans. The American forces were able to stop and defeat the British troops. The British suffered  2,042 casualties in total (291 killed, including General Pakenham, 1,267 wounded and 484 captured or missing. The Americans had a total of 71 casualties (13 dead, 39 wounded and 19 missing).


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Spanish Colonial Mission, San Miguel De Linares De Los Adaes, Louisiana // La Mision Espanola, San Miguel De Linares De Los Adaes, en Luisiana.

The only Spanish Religious Mission set up in what is now the State of Louisiana was established on what ws then considered "East Texas", in 1716-1717 and named San Miguel De Linares De Los Adaes. It was closed in 1719 but reopened a few years later and remained open until 1773, when it was abandoned.


If you love Southern History remember to listen to "Rosales" History of The South" Radio Show, you can click on this link to listen