Saturday, January 8, 2011

Battle of New Orleans, Chalmette Battle Field, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana, January 8th, 1815 // La Batalla De Nueva Orleans, Luisiana 8 de Enero, 1815.

The Battle of New Orleans occurred at Chalmette Battle Field, in Louisiana, on January 8th, 1815. It was the last major Battle of the War of 1812 and pitted United States Army troops under General Andrew Jackson, supplemented by white Creole Volunteers (French and Spanish), Free African Americans, Free "Creoles of Color", Native Americans (Choctaw and others) and Pirates led by Jean Laffite against a professional British Army led by  Commander Alexander Cochrane and Major-General Edward M. Pakenham. The forces met at Chalmette Battle Field, in Saint Bernard Parish just outside of New Orleans. The American forces were able to stop and defeat the British troops. The British suffered  2,042 casualties in total (291 killed, including General Pakenham, 1,267 wounded and 484 captured or missing. The Americans had a total of 71 casualties (13 dead, 39 wounded and 19 missing).


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