Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diego Alvarez, Spanish Colonial Settler to Mobile, Alabama.

The Alvarez family descends from an early Spanish colonial settler to Mobile, Ala. by the name of Diego Miguel Alvarez (born approx. 1745 San Eligio, Oveido, Asturias, Spain, died April 2, 1820). He was the son of Pascual Alvarez and Lucia Cachero. Diego arrived in Mobile, on his own ship named the “Maria Luisa”.
He married Barbara Fernandez (born 1780, Mexico, died October 15th, 1850, buried at Alvarez Cemetery, Saraland, Ala.), daughter of Pedro Fernandez and Maria Barea of Medina, Mexico. Barbara Alvarez and Catalina Plock, were found by Francisco Fontanilla after their parents were murdered by Indians, in the present day Weeks Bay area of Baldwin County, and raised them with his wife.
Diego owned land in what is now downtown Mobile’s Bienville Square and received a land grant to what are now sections of Prichard, Saraland and Chickasaw, where he grazed cattle and ran a ferry over Chickasaw Bogue Creek. He was described as a “good looking man, who always wore a plume in his hat and always carried a Sword and two Pistols.”
Diego Alvarez was murdered at his home and there is a well known legend about his persistent and friendly ghost, in downtown Mobile. There are still many descendants of this family found in Mobile and the surrounding area and places named after the Alvarez family in Mobile County, including Alvarez Drive, in Saraland.

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