Friday, July 9, 2010

Cazadores Espanoles Regiment, Louisiana Militia // Regimento De Cazadores Espanoles, Milicia De Luisiana.

Colonel - Juan Miangolara
Lt. Colonel - Jose M. Anguera, Neville Soule
Major - Gaudenzi Marzoni

This unit was composed mostly of Hispanic men, (including many Spaniard's and Cubans), as well as Italian's and a handful of French. This unit had existed prior to the war, as a local militia and was activated, for the defense of New Orleans, when the Civil War began, in 1861.

You can visit and learn about the Cuba Libre Camp Project of the Admiral Semmes Camp 11, Sons of Confederate Veterans which is a project to identify all known Cuban Confederate Soldiers, as well as other Hispanics and Minorities who served in the Confederate Military.


Esta Unidad Militar estaba compuesta por muchos Hispanos, incluyendo Espanoles y Cubanos, igual como algunos Italianos y Franceses. La unidad habia existido antes de la guerra formando parte de la milicia local y fue mobilizada para la defensa de Nueva Orleans cuando empezo la Guerra Civil Americana, en 1861.

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